The first gadget that i had was a cellphone, it is when i was in grade six. My parents are really strict in buying me things especially when it can distract my studies. Phone came in handy and usable and i can also use it in my studies to do research. It also kept me entertained, i discovered the applications and games especially wattpad, since then, i started reading and reading and it introduced me into a new world, because of that i also loved reading novels. My hobby in reading books(novels) all started on wattpad. I’m very thankful to that.

Phone was also my second bestfriend, it serves as my diary and a playmate. It became one of our necessities that we can’t live without, until now but we should know how to use it properly and we should know our limitations because it can also ruin us.






Plans for 2017

I have so many plans this year and I don’t know if I can do them all but I’ll try my best to. My top priority this year is to study and get a high grades because I really want my parents to be proud of me and I’ll review for the upcoming entrance exams because I really want to get on a good school. I’m a bit nervous but I know that I can do it, I trust myself.

  1. Study

  2. Review for entrance exams

  3. Read novels

  4. Watch Korean Dramas

  5. Bonding with my bestfriend because we barely see each other last year due to our busy school activities.

My kind of Christmas

My Christmas vacation? I can say that nothing much happened,  just a normal Christmas vacation for me, I didn’t go anywhere, I just stayed inside the house and watch Korean dramas all day. Hahaha but it’s not boring like what you guys think, I got to finish ten kdramas  in that almost 3 weeks vacation. Omo so much feels.

While everyone’s busy for the upcoming Christmas day, I’m doing nothing and letting them do all the works, lol I know I’m such a lazy person especially when it comes to doing the chores and cooking. I don’t have a talent in that kind of stuffs. I also read the novels that I haven’t finished last vacation because the school already started and I got busy because of the activities. Well, that’s all that I did on my Christmas vacation.

Christmas is not all about the gifts and money we received, the delicious food we eat. It is all about the essence of Jesus Christ. His presence in our hearts. I’m saying this because sometimes we people forget what Christmas really is. We get excited over petty things, we get excited because of the things we will receive not because its really Christmas,  what i’m trying to say is we get excited when Christmas is coming not because its Christmas but because of the things that we will receive, okayyy I just repeated my statement….. Let’s love,  forgive and help  each other. Let’s treat each other fairly regarding our differences, like our culture, our gender, status and our colors. We are all brothers and sisters and that can be the best gift that we can give to Jesus Christ.



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